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My name is Jon Hovater, owner of Drench Lawn Care and Irrigation.  Lawn care programs and water management are essential elements for a healthy and vibrant lawn. 


My passion for growing grass began in high school as I worked at local golf courses in the area. I went on to study the turf industry specializing in golf course management and obtained my Bachelors Degree in Agronomy from Mississippi State University in 1995. After graduation, I continued my career at golf courses in GA, AL, and south MS.   In 2005, I changed my career path to residential and commercial maintenance.  Because of my education and experience, our Drench Lawn Care Program is unlike any of our competitors.  The products used were developed to tighten and strengthen your turf for protection against weeds while providing a lush green color. 

Call us today to schedule your service in 2017!!  We offer services in Weed Control, Irrigation, and Landscape Lighting. 


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